Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chicago Marathon: Connected

The Reckoning

Chicago Marathon 2013, wow, how did that happen…?  I really didn't want to run it again after previous years.  The weather was always ridiculously hot (granted anything above 65 may as well be hot when running marathons in the sun). Getting to the start corrals was always a nightmare. The crowds and crowds of people -- whether runners or fans.  Bah, who needs it.  It’s overhyped and overrun.  I've done it 3 and a half times already. By chance, I was invited to a Chicago Marathon launch party in February. Okay I’ll go. And, ‘oh hey, if you want you can register early before everyone else,’ ‘wow, sounds great, sign me up.’ In hindsight, early registration may have been a godsend given the slog that occurred when registration opened for everyone.