Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wausau Marathon 2013

Short version that I posted to Dailymile:  Wausau Marathon - 3:04:55 - happy with this time as it is only 30 seconds slower than my PR and this is still early in the season for me. I came for a BQ and got it so mission accomplished. Honestly I fell apart in the last 4 miles but I had a great first 22 miles, so I am excited for fall races coming out of this.

Race Shirt
Long version for those with extra time on hand:  In the moments before the race we start sizing up the competition, but mainly I was trying to gauge whether I would be running with someone, or going it alone.  Seemed like a few people would be good to hang with, but there was a big mix of young kids, tall guys, and older runners. There were a few Boston jackets in the pre-race crowd as well.  It appeared that even though this was going to be a small race, there were quite a few with BQ’s on their minds, as well as mine.
Quick background: I hadn’t run a marathon since before September 2012, so that meant I needed a new BQ for 2014; and one that would give me a decent shot at being accepted.  I qualified for Boston in September 2011, but my time was not as fast as a good number of other qualifiers so I was not accepted into Boston 2012.  My November 2011 PR of 3:04:25 was more than 5 minutes below the qualifying time for my age group, so I was accepted into 2013’s race.  But my plans for 2013 were shattered when I ended up with a stress reaction in my left foot about 2 weeks before the big day.  So yeah, I ended up not running Boston 2013, which may have been a blessing with the events that happened.  I originally hadn’t planned to run Boston 2014, but missing my first one this year pushed everything back yet another year.  Third time’s a charm right?