Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grandma's Marathon 2012!

Well it was a pretty great race. 3:06:02 was my official time. So that means no PR today, but I was about 5 ½ minutes faster than at Illinois Marathon (time of 3:11:26), 7 weeks ago. My PR from the Indy Monumental last November still stands; today was about roughly 1 ½ minutes slower than my PR of 3:04:25. So am I disappointed? Not really. It was my second fastest marathon and I actually had an awesome first half of the race, coming in at 1:31:36 for the 13.1 mile time. I would have liked to PR today and I think I could have, but I think a few factors played into my time today. First was the fast-changing weather. It started out feeling fine, but felt like it was going to really warm up. It was a very humid day and did get warm in the second half. The second were the rolling hills. Being a flatlander Chicago city boy, I don’t see hills much at all. This course has many “gentle” rolling hills, and one big one around mile 22 or so, that went up, then slightly down, then up again. And the last big factor in this race was my lower back (gluteus medius, perhaps), which really got soar around mile 17 or 18. (Maybe that was made worse by the hills? Or the grade on the roads? Or weak core. Not sure.) The latter slowed me down big time in the last 10 miles and I knew at mile 18 that a PR was no longer in the cards for me today, but I was going to try and still have a strong finish, and enjoy the run anyway.