Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recovering: It's better'n nothing

The shin pain was the result of a stress reaction or stress fracture in my right medial tibia. I’m still not exactly certain whether there is a huge difference between ‘reaction’ and ‘fracture,’ as the terms seemed to be somewhat interchangeable, at least in my diagnosis and even my past experience.
Looks okay to me!
Google results for “difference between stress fracture and stress reaction,” produce examples of people like me asking the same thing, further muddying the issue as no true medical authority seems to be stepping in to help. :) It’s okay though, I asked my doctor and she said there’s not really much difference. The treatment is basically the same. Admittedly, I have no spot on my leg where the bone is broken in two, nor does a clear fracture exists, so a ‘stress reaction’ is probably the most accurate classification.  Google searches for the above phrase also return ‘running’ and ‘long distance runner’ in the results, and I think to myself, yep, that’s me. So, that’s good enough for my research, thanks Google. Whatever it truly should be termed, it happens to us, and in good numbers, so I’m not alone in my recovery process.

Either way, it's still kind of cool to look at.
As I mentioned before, I had a list of races lined up for the year. Although I ran the F^3 Half (and probably shouldn’t have), I did recently cancel my running of an indoor marathon because I knew it would not be the right choice if I ever want to get back to feeling good again, to say nothing of running again on healthy legs. I may also have to skip out on another race in March. When I’m ready to resume regular training, I’ll be starting from ground zero again in some ways, so several races may get canned as I will likely want or need additional time to get back into racing condition.

It’s almost hilarious, however, how much plans can change in such a short span. Life has a funny way of dealing the cards, but yep, that’s the game of life. I truly don’t believe life was ever meant to be easy. That’s okay too, I like a good challenge. Don’t we all? That’s why we run. It’s just sad I probably will cancel a few more races. I wouldn’t mind so much, but no race organizers I know refund the entry money. I had one race defer my entry to the following year, and I really thought that was super. Why can’t other races do that?

Anyway, if I’m not going to be racing anytime soon, I’m at least going to enjoy these slow, short runs to gently ease back into my running again. I’ll take it one day at a time, and enjoy those 25-30 minute runs I’d normally consider warm-up miles. The sun was out in full force today (the wind too but so what), and I ran a slow loop around my favorite local island. We have to take what we can get.

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