Monday, August 22, 2011

Races, long runs, injury, recovery, and a few random thoughts about Dailymile

After that half marathon on the 23rd of July, my Achilles tendon really started hurting.  I didn’t realize it immediately how bad it was – it hurt after the race, but I figured it was just post-race aching.  In the week leading up to the race, my ankle/Achilles had been nagging at me, but it wasn’t terrible.  After the race however, something wasn’t right.  It felt like I had fractured my ankle or something, I don’t know but not good.  Ended up seeing a doctor, and he said it was likely Achilles tendinitis.  Seemed possible, I guess.  Anyway, once again I was taking it easy and getting nervous about being injured for a long duration.  I rested it for a few days, did some elliptical, and rested some more.  I don't get too worried about missing a couple days of running, but if it is a week or more I do start worrying about losing fitness.  It can take months to get to a level of fitness where you feel like you’re finally getting to where you want to be in your training.  But with high mileage training, I'm finding it's pretty easy for small aches to quickly grow into major problems if you're not careful, and then, yep, wind up on the injured list again.  Not fun.  Over the course of the next two weeks, I rested, worked out on the elliptical several times (which I consider to be several degrees more evil than any ‘dreadmill’ – it is just not my favorite machine), rested some more, and later on did some test runs to see if things were getting any better.  Finally, at the end of two weeks, things had healed up better than I had hoped, and I was running again.  Yay!  Very happy about that.  Of course I’m paying close attention to the Achilles now, in both legs.  Not sure if tendinitis can heal that fast or not, but I will take it.