Saturday, July 23, 2011

Race Results

With a rocky start to my morning, I ended up doing ‘well’ at the Fitness for America Half Marathon today.  But better back up a bit…  I practically stayed up awake in bed most of the night.  I went to bed early but was wide awake until a couple hours before I planned to get up.  It’s one of my big fears before a race -- not getting enough sleep, and it happened again.  Need to do some research on that.  Alarm went off at 4 a.m. (I had to do a number of things before I could leave, like take the dogs out, etc., drive out to Hoffman Estates).  After a cup of coffee I was doing better.  Finally got on the road at about 5:25 a.m., and wouldn’t you know it, I-90 was backed up as soon as I got on.  Wasn’t expecting that on a Saturday morning.  The heavy rains over the night had flooded parts of the highway.  There were cars off to the sides of the road, and I couldn’t initially understand why they were just sitting there.  …Until I got to a section of road where cars were passing through the middle single file in order to avoid the deepest parts of a new pond on I-90.  I drove through of course, feeling fortunate for once (not the best on gas mileage) to have a little higher-sitting SUV, and drove slowly through the water, coming out on the other side ready to floor it.  There was another section of road that had flooded but it was not nearly as bad.  Finally I was on my way again, and a half hour behind schedule, but still plenty of time before the race, which had a start time of 7:30 -- I had been annoyed it was such a late start considering it is mid-July, but given the driving conditions, I was now happy about that.  Arrived at the race site by 6:30 a.m., picked up my packet, finished my routine, and got ready for the race. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer in Full Swing

Whoops - been some time since the last update!  Well, knock on wood, things have been going well, despite the hot, hot, hot heat wave that has been hanging over the Midwest the past several days.  Today, I had an 8-mile pace run scheduled, but have been planning on running the Fitness for America Sports Festival Half Marathon tomorrow, so I only did an easy 3-miler to loosen up and burn some extra energy (helps me sleep the night before a race).  It was nice to get out while it was still raining (does that sound odd?), but it slowed and then stopped during the first part of the run.  I enjoy runs in the rain when the weather is warm -- most people I know seem to avoid it.  It was also a nice break from the heat.  

Anyhow, the Half is tomorrow and weather is still predicted to be warm and muggy (80 degrees and 80%+ humidity with a 50% chance of rain), unfortunately.  I’m continuing to hope that it won’t be too uncomfortable; keep your fingers crossed for all the runners out there!  I’ve decided that I don’t mind the heat but high humidity/dew point seems to play a major role in how I feel, even on short runs.  

CARA runs have been going relatively well.  There’ve been few hiccups here and there with someone forgetting to bring the water/Gatorade for last week’s finish location, and missing pace leaders for my pace group on a few runs, but overall it’s really nice to meet up with a bunch of similar runners and go for a run along the lake -- not to mention start and finish a run before most people are even out of bed!  It’s nice to have the lakefront all to yourself, so to speak.  

Anyway with any luck the race will go as planned and it won’t be too unbearable.  I hope to be able to provide a positive post-race update…