Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer in Full Swing

Whoops - been some time since the last update!  Well, knock on wood, things have been going well, despite the hot, hot, hot heat wave that has been hanging over the Midwest the past several days.  Today, I had an 8-mile pace run scheduled, but have been planning on running the Fitness for America Sports Festival Half Marathon tomorrow, so I only did an easy 3-miler to loosen up and burn some extra energy (helps me sleep the night before a race).  It was nice to get out while it was still raining (does that sound odd?), but it slowed and then stopped during the first part of the run.  I enjoy runs in the rain when the weather is warm -- most people I know seem to avoid it.  It was also a nice break from the heat.  

Anyhow, the Half is tomorrow and weather is still predicted to be warm and muggy (80 degrees and 80%+ humidity with a 50% chance of rain), unfortunately.  I’m continuing to hope that it won’t be too uncomfortable; keep your fingers crossed for all the runners out there!  I’ve decided that I don’t mind the heat but high humidity/dew point seems to play a major role in how I feel, even on short runs.  

CARA runs have been going relatively well.  There’ve been few hiccups here and there with someone forgetting to bring the water/Gatorade for last week’s finish location, and missing pace leaders for my pace group on a few runs, but overall it’s really nice to meet up with a bunch of similar runners and go for a run along the lake -- not to mention start and finish a run before most people are even out of bed!  It’s nice to have the lakefront all to yourself, so to speak.  

Anyway with any luck the race will go as planned and it won’t be too unbearable.  I hope to be able to provide a positive post-race update…

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