Sunday, April 3, 2011

From the Best Week to the Worst

One of my best weeks of running ever was unfortunately followed by one of my worst weeks of running ever.  When I thought I had experienced every pain in the book something new comes along, smacks me in the face, and changes just about everything.  In the previous week I ran my highest mileage ever, including a number of really hard days.  This past Tuesday my body threw up a white flag.  In the absence of professional running advice or medical diagnosis, I think I must be experiencing overuse injury or teetering on the brink of it.  After what I felt was a great tempo run Tuesday, I started limping and hobbling around with pains migrating daily from hamstrings to groin areas to glutes, etc.  I took Wednesday off from running, tried to run Thursday and gave up after about a mile and a half.  That was hard to swallow after coming off of such a high week...

So I did no running on Friday, and just stretched and rested.  On Saturday, I went out for an "easy" 6-miler.  I was tight and sore in the beginning, moving very slowly.  I loosened up to where I was able to almost coast along gently without too much trouble.  Was sore again after that run, but spent the rest of the day stretching any and every part of my legs that I could figure out how to reach with the help of a few running books and the Internet.  Today I managed to squeeze out my planned 12-miler at an “easy” and slow pace again with even a couple miles of actually feeling close to normal.  However, at the halfway point I felt I needed to stop and stretch, so I did, but then had a very challenging time resuming the run to finish.  For one long minute I considered hopping a bus since I was 6 miles from home, but that just didn’t seem right.  Slowly I hobbled into a very slow trot, and then found some type of rhythm again.  By the end, I was truly thankful to finish -- it definitely was not my favorite run of all time.  Part of me believes if this is 'overuse injury' I would not have been able to run at all and that is probably not true, and this may simply be more of my overabundance of naivet√©.  I know running 12 miles probably was not the smartest move today, but like many runners, it kept me from going crazy (if I would have not run), and I really, really want to stay somewhat on track with the training program (dumb?).  I had pretty high hopes and expectations for this month -- now I’m just clinging to some hope that the pain subsides (soon).  Yeah, new challenges abound in running.  But, this is one of those I think I’d rather not have to confront…  Of course, we don’t always pick the path in front of us, right?  At least the weather is getting warmer…  Be safe, good luck to you!

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