Thursday, April 7, 2011

Car Maintenance

At the dealership waiting for my car to receive its maintenance and minor repairs, etc.  If only we could maintain our own bodies as easily as a car.  Tomorrow I’ll have my first MRI done and then maybe I will start having some answers as to what is going on.  In the absence of any official feedback, I just feel like something’s broken or not working quite right with my hips or pelvis.  Running just doesn’t feel good right now.  Twitter’s great to get the latest training advice and race updates, but no one seems to be tweeting much about injuries, pain, and the disheartening effects of not being able to run.  I tried to do a short run yesterday, 3 miles, went slow, didn’t push it, but it was tough, not pleasant at all.  I felt worse afterward.  Reality check.  I’m starting to scrap plans for this marathon now, as I just don’t think I’ll be able to physically recover and maintain any real amount of fitness that I’ve built up this past winter.  So, it’s time to focus on resting, getting better, and who knows what the next race will be or when…  Sidelined, but gotta stay positive.

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