Sunday, April 17, 2011


After feeling a bit limpy after yesterday’s 4 mile pace run, I was again still pretty sore starting out the run this morning.  But my only goal was to keep it slow and get through it without making anything worse.  The cool blustery wind and the beautiful blue skies helped to occasionally distract me from the fact that I wasn’t feeling 100% today, but all in all, I felt fortunate that I didn’t start feeling worse at any point, and just kept chugging along.  The great folks over at the Chicago Park District have turned on most of the fountains along the Lakefront Path, at least the ones I’ve come across so far (love it, thank you!).   I finished the 12 and expected to feel some bigger pains, but really nothing was hurting, I was a bit sore, but not in pain.  I visited one of my favorite restaurants, Chicago Brauhaus, with my family and parents, and tried to keep moving around the rest of the day, not sitting still for too long.  I fear tightening up otherwise.  Anyway, the day kept getting warmer and the sun really came out to do some serious shining, so it turned out to be a pretty darn good day:  12 miles completed with very little pain afterward, a full week of running completed, warmer than expected weather with beautiful skies (okay sure so it was a bit windy but I’ll take it), great food at my favorite German restaurant, and good company of my son, wife, and parents.  I’d say it was a great way to finish a potentially bad running week, and a great way to start another (hopefully not potentially bad) work week…

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting it together

Well it was another strange week.  I had some fundamental differences with my doctor’s plan of action for the coming weeks and months, so long story short I am completely disregarding it.  I mean I know if I experience pain, I should not be running.  But after that appointment I was charged up and went out for a 5 mile run, slow.  So, that was Monday.  I was a little more optimistic after that run and throughout the rest of the week, actually.  Since Sunday, I’ve been feeling better day by day, and I’ve been running regularly, albeit shorter distances at slower and easier paces.  In any case, I certainly don’t feel as bad as I did a week ago.  I took Friday off from running; it was also a planned rest day.  I had really been looking forward to this weekend’s runs.  Today I did a short 4-miler which was supposed to be done at marathon race pace.  That actually went fairly well.  I held the pace, but my heart rate was a bit higher than I would have liked.  In any case, I didn’t feel too bad.  Definitely felt a little sore afterward, but I iced it and stretched a little and feeling not too bad now.  Tomorrow, Sunday, is scheduled to be a 12-miler, no big deal right?  Today was okay, I might even say, good, so we’ll see how things go tomorrow.  Trying to be optimistic, I think that actually helps everything overall.  And yeah, if it hurts I will just have to knock it down a notch or two.  No idea yet if 12 miles will be possible, but we’ll cross that bridge.  I think it will be okay.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Car Maintenance

At the dealership waiting for my car to receive its maintenance and minor repairs, etc.  If only we could maintain our own bodies as easily as a car.  Tomorrow I’ll have my first MRI done and then maybe I will start having some answers as to what is going on.  In the absence of any official feedback, I just feel like something’s broken or not working quite right with my hips or pelvis.  Running just doesn’t feel good right now.  Twitter’s great to get the latest training advice and race updates, but no one seems to be tweeting much about injuries, pain, and the disheartening effects of not being able to run.  I tried to do a short run yesterday, 3 miles, went slow, didn’t push it, but it was tough, not pleasant at all.  I felt worse afterward.  Reality check.  I’m starting to scrap plans for this marathon now, as I just don’t think I’ll be able to physically recover and maintain any real amount of fitness that I’ve built up this past winter.  So, it’s time to focus on resting, getting better, and who knows what the next race will be or when…  Sidelined, but gotta stay positive.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Down but Not Out

It is damn easy to get down on yourself when things break down.  After all, I put 14 weeks into training for a marathon at the end of this month.  And that included many days of running out in the freezing cold wind, rain, snow, and sleet, running over snow, ice, slush, etc.  A lot of time and work went into this training program, and now less than 4 weeks remain.  Okay, so I deserve to complain a little bit (right?), but I know I shouldn’t dwell on it for too long.  Those are the breaks.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

From the Best Week to the Worst

One of my best weeks of running ever was unfortunately followed by one of my worst weeks of running ever.  When I thought I had experienced every pain in the book something new comes along, smacks me in the face, and changes just about everything.  In the previous week I ran my highest mileage ever, including a number of really hard days.  This past Tuesday my body threw up a white flag.  In the absence of professional running advice or medical diagnosis, I think I must be experiencing overuse injury or teetering on the brink of it.  After what I felt was a great tempo run Tuesday, I started limping and hobbling around with pains migrating daily from hamstrings to groin areas to glutes, etc.  I took Wednesday off from running, tried to run Thursday and gave up after about a mile and a half.  That was hard to swallow after coming off of such a high week...

Friday, April 1, 2011

From What Do I Run?

I was asked, from what do I run?
I replied, not from, but toward.
I was asked, toward what do I run?
I replied, I run toward new goals.
Challenge. Hardship. Distance.
Speed. Fun. Relaxation. Enjoyment.
To be a part and apart. To get away.
To escape, but not to run away.
I run to come back.  I run to run.