Wednesday, March 30, 2011


[Edit] I imported the previous blog entries here from another site of mine.  The following is the first actual blog post on this new site. [/Edit]

So after setting up and managing what feels like dozens websites over the years to display or house different personal interests and hobbies, I’d like to retry a simple blog again…  A bit of background…  I first started running regularly in my late 20’s, just over 10 years ago.  I was not fast, I endured shin splints on and off for a decade, and was an excellent example of over-pronation, and other fun things.  After a handful of years, I was feeling a bit more accomplished and happy to have reached a point where I finished an Ironman and multiple marathons.  But the marathon was not my strong suit in the Ironman, and making it to the end of the 26.2 miles in any marathon never seemed to just ‘flow.’ 

Last year, a friend at work decided to start running more seriously and this reignited a strong desire of my own to take running to a new level.  Although I didn’t just one day wake up and feel different, I noticed something had started to change for my running during the Twin Cities Marathon when I beat my PR by nearly 20 minutes and I felt great nearly the entire way through the race.  After that October 3, 2010, I decided I needed to see what else I could do…  More on that later.  …I hope to someday qualify for Boston, like many.  For me personally it is something I need to do – just because.  I previously considered it out of reach, and now I consider it a goal that needs to be conquered.  Whether or not I am able to actually register for the race will be a separate challenge.  So here I am…  I’m always looking out for the latest info on running, runners, races, gear, books, articles, injuries, recovery, nutrition, routes, marathons, etc.  You get the picture.  So I hope to collect some of that here, as well as, of course, provide some of my own thoughts on a few areas.  I’m not a pro or an elite, obviously, or I wouldn’t be talking about wanting to go to Boston, but I think that may make this interesting in its own right.

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