Sunday, March 13, 2011


It’s officially mid-March and setting our clocks forward an hour is upon us once again.  Sweet.  So, does that mean spring’s warmer temperatures are coming back to Chicagoland soon?  I hope so, as I’m not so certain I can withstand yet another cold and windy run.  I know I sound like a baby whining about not wanting to finish dinner, but the closer we get to what should be ‘springtime’ the more I feel I’ve lost my tolerance for this winter.  You would think I would be quite well adapted to the cold weather at this point; I think I must be getting old.
Fortunately, little milestones along the way help keep me motivated and moving along in my marathon training.  Today’s run was a 10 miler at “slower than marathon pace.”  That is usually pretty easy since you’re, well, going slow.  For some reason I love the 10-mile distance runs more than just about any other distance (maybe it’s the nice round number?), although 20 is just fine, and well, you can’t be 26.2.  Anyway, today was cool but not too cold, 38-40 degrees F, with a strong wind from the west gusting up to 30mph or thereabouts (not much to really complain about as I was above --  I even wore shorts).  So, I put the run into cruise control and just went along at a steady pace that felt good:  not too slow, but didn’t worry too much about my time.  By the end my hands were frozen and hurting from the constant wind, though the rest of me was fine.  Back home, I uploaded my splits and checked them out, and realized that my time was almost exactly 6 minutes better than my previously recorded (albeit unofficial) 10-mile best.  Nice.  That warmed my blood, but now I’m really in the mood for some spring weather, and looking forward to shedding my running jacket, hat & gloves…

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