Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Soon?

The sidewalks and path were not exactly ideal – lots of patches of wet snow and ice, and it was melting quickly to cold puddles.  However, the air temp was not too cool, 31 degrees and light on wind; with the sun shining brightly it was a pleasant last Sunday in February for getting in a long run (a step-back week, so not that long).  With shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and a Salomon vest I just won from Fleet Feet (thank you, Fleet Feet Chicago!), I was very comfortable for an easier paced 12-miler.  The path was pretty messy for about 50% of it, at least on the outbound leg, but the sun was doing its job as the return trip seemed much better.  Lots of sun going south and a light headwind, so when I turned back with the sun and wind at my back, I was unleashed and picked up the pace a bit.  By the end, it had warmed to 37 degrees, the sun was brilliant and the blue sky felt awesome – I swore spring had arrived.  Shorts and a vest - don't forget!  Of course, it wasn’t going to last – shortly after my run it clouded up and started to cool down again.  Well it was a nice taste of spring – I know, I know, it’s still a bit too early for that, at least in Chicago.  But it was a great morning.  And much, much, much better than a week ago…

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