Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2011

Well it was cooler weather today as predicted, but it wasn’t too bad.  This was one of the earliest mornings I got out for a run this winter.  I didn’t see anyone running or walking for at least the first two and a half miles, but saw some local police in their patrol cars watching some of the areas on the path, I guess that is reassuring.  Also saw the sun rise today right about the time I was turning back home midway through.  Although it wasn’t particularly stunning, it was still nice to experience it again.  After a good couple weeks of great training runs, I probably had one of my less optimal runs today.  Tired, less energy, perhaps a result of getting less sleep last night, some continuing foot pain, and probably still recovering from Thursday’s run.  But all in all, I was okay with my pace and the overall run, and the sunrise and blue sky were beautiful.  Only a couple of patches of ice on the Lakefront path where the snow had melted and refroze.  Otherwise it was clear and dry, great for a run or a ride.  Today was 8 miles, finished in about 58 minutes.  Tomorrow is back up to 17 miles.  Seems like I was just doing that not too long ago for the Twin Cities Marathon.  But that's my favorite run of the week!  Time to ice my foot.

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